Oh, How The Tables Have Turned – From Audience to Participants

This week’s lecture made it clear that social media has no doubt changed the way people see and interact with their world. It has changed the role of the passive consumer, as Jay Rosen said, “formerly known as the audience”, to an active producer of content that has the potential to be more newsworthy and influential than the mass media. The conversation is no longer one-sided or monologic, but rather, it has become dialogic, through a shift of power. Thus, through the power of individuals it has the power to bring to the forefront issues that may previously have been kept in the background or oppressed by the “gatekeepers” of information and censorship.

I have included this YouTube clip to illustrate the scale in which social media is being used, how its being used and how governments have deemed it a threat.

Is there a downside to all this ‘power’ and access to information?

Stay classy,

Tracy Bustamante



4 thoughts on “Oh, How The Tables Have Turned – From Audience to Participants

  1. I didn’t go to this weeks lecture so was scrolling through the BCM112 tag on WordPress to get a few ideas of what the lecture was all about and this was the first blog to show up and after watching the video and reading your short summary I feel like I was sitting in the lecture this past Monday! I really like the YouTube video you’ve found to show how social media is so apparent in our lives and how fast it’s changing, looking at the related videos helped me to understand the topic more as well, thanks for a great post!


  2. I really liked your use of the YouTube video. It really helped to show how important social media is to us in our everyday lives and how well it is used all around the world! Your post was short, informative and got to the point quickly without rambling for 500 words and I really liked that. Well done, great post! 🙂


  3. Well done Tracey! I really like how you clearly explained that social media has no doubt changed our interactions drastically. You have explained the shift from passive consumer to active with an additional quote. Indeed we do now have the potential to be more influenced in how we disperse content. I like how you talked about the shift in power, as the technological universe is ever expanding. We now try to find way past the gatekeepers, and combine our content to that expanded or repeated from others.
    Great use of the YouTube clip, it was easy to understand the idea how social media is being used and how it threatens control.

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