Is Anything Original Anymore?

Doctor Who Addict - I didn't choose the fandom life The fandom life grabbed me by the hand and whispered, "Run."

PREZI – MAKE IT RIP AND BURN – Remix Culture and the Problem of Ownership

This week I thought I would try something different and create a Prezi for this week’s lecture on remix culture. It is an intriguing concept as it has made me realise that in most creative creations, there is an essence of someone’s past work which can bring about the argument of copyright infringement and compensation for the creator’s labour.

Stay classy,

Tracy Bustamante


Bruns, Axel (2010) Distributed Creativity: Filesharing and Produsage


3 thoughts on “Is Anything Original Anymore?

  1. Great work on this prezi, you looked at remix culture through fandom which is a very popular and relatable aspect. The use of fandom to explain remix culture helped me better understand and identify remix culture in my own life–as a lover of fandom!

    To further expand your argument, you could mention the evolution of the single beat and how it has changed with the introduction of different technologies. For example-a DJ set- they are able to manipulate the same beat into a new transformation. This could then link to your argument of the medium is the message. You could look at this site for more information:
    You could also incorporate your own opinion as to your beliefs of remix culture: in your eyes is it good or bad? Do you think the ‘original’ owner should get royalties to the song even though it has been remixed? This could spark some debate.

    I really enjoyed your prezi, especially the first video of the same beat being used throughout multiple songs to showcase the reuse of beats. Great work!


  2. Great summary of the lecture. I love how you’ve included so many examples in the presentation, it really shows how much research you put into this. If I could make one suggestion, some of the slides looked a bit cramped because of the amount of info as well as youtube videos. Maybe a different layout would help this? Apart from that, great job!


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