The Wonderful World of Twitter.

For my final post for BCM112 I have recorded this Soundcloud podcast in which I talk about my perspective on Twitter and how it has been used.

Twitter is a really interesting medium. It provides an unrestricted method in share content across different platforms. It is amazing to think that almost 10 years ago there was no Twitter and the world felt a lot smaller. As talked about in this source, the ability to make connections no longer depends on proximity. Twitter has broken the limitations of communication.

Stay #classy,

Tracy Bustamante



2 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Twitter.

  1. Well done on your sound cloud- you brought up the valuable functions of twitter, by mentioning the #everydaysexism and #yesallwomen hashtags. Twitter is a unique platform for these types of issues to be brought forward, and is a great way to show the enormity of the issues. These particular hashtags are discussing and bringing it forth to the public debate topics that other wise would not be discussed as much as they should in the public sphere. Do you feel that this is restricted by the maximum character length? Or is the succinct soundbite tweet is what is appealing?


    1. Thank you so much! I think the word limit allows the message being put forward to be understood easily, rather than the message being lost in a chunk of words. Keeping it short and sweet helps more of these ideas be seen, I guess.


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