Assignment One: Audio Task – Subject Context

I wanted to construct a story that brought light the connect a person and a place and to discover where that connection came from. I picked my friend Tayla to be the subject of my first audio task. The primary reason I chose her as my subject was because I knew half of her story, but I wanted to know the rest of it to see if I could capture the emotion, mood and character surrounding the story. She has a great infinity for the outdoors and having lived in the suburbs most of her life I wanted to know where that connection came from. What made the outdoors her escape from the world? How has she found the time to maintain that connection which she has had her whole life whilst the responsibilities of life catch up with her? She has an easy going nature and having already conducted the interview, the possibilities in which to explore her personality and how it is intertwined with the environment provides for an uplifting and relatable mood.


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