I REVIEW: M3LLI55X – FKA twigs


In the past year, FKA twigs has gone from performing small underground clubs in England to playing sold out stage shows around the globe, recently holding a three night residency at the Red Bull Music Academy in New York city for Congregata, a celebration of music and vogue. Her recent rise in the music industry is due to the release of her debut album LP1 which was met with rave reviews. Released a year later, twigs’ third EP, M3LLI55X (pronounced Mellissa) is everything you would expect from the British-born singer but leaves you salivating for more.

The EP as a whole sounds very different to twigs’ past releases. There is a hint of maturity perhaps due to the increased strength in her voice that fits with the sensual yet feminist vibe M3LLI55X encompasses. It is very much a ‘pro-women’ EP with the accompanying 16 minute music video depicting twigs with a prosthetic pregnant belly giving birth. Twigs has said that she is in awe of the fact that woman can create and carry life. She says, it’s not an aspect of life that makes a woman weak, rather it shows how special and powerful women really are.

M3LLI55X opens with the hypnotic ‘Figure 8’. She exclaims “Let me live/let me live” and immediately you know twigs is going to take control and let you know what she is all about in the next few songs.

FKA twigs stated that she wrote ‘I’m Your Doll’ when she was 18. The song, whilst simple, has lyrics that reflect the way in which women are often only seen as sex objects. The music video for the song only emphasises this feeling as it depicts a man lusting over a sex doll of twigs herself.

‘In Time’ really separates itself from the other songs on the EP as it is perhaps the strongest vocal performance by twigs, a change from her breathy tones from her past couple of EPs. The chorus is catchy and the irregular beats work well.

‘Glass and Patron’, must be listened to with earphones or on good quality speakers. From the get go, the bass and different electronic sounds present an enthralling experience, coming second to being at a FKA twigs show. You can’t help but freeze when she seems to command, “Hold that pose for me.” The final track, Mothercreep, is a remix of ‘Patron’ of sorts which is filled with unusual and sudden electronic sounds which seem to fit together in the end. It ends the EP making you want more of the unconventional sounds that twigs has become famous for.

Having been a fan of FKA twigs for a year now, it never fails to surprise me how each time I listen to one of her songs I uncover new sounds and beats that I hadn’t heard previously, leaving me with a different interpretation of the message of the song. M3LLI55X is twigs’ best release yet, and arguably the best of any artist this year. As she sings, “my back wings give the hardest slap that you’ve ever seen”, it’s clear she isn’t going anywhere.

– Figure 8
– In Time
– I’m Your Doll
– Glass & Patron
– Mothercreep



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