Mid Session Task 2: ‘What is Hidden’ Assignment Propsal

For the ‘What is Hidden’ task, my subject will be 19-year-old, James Turner who has cerebral palsy and plays for Australia with the Pararoo’s. His story focuses on how under-reported the Pararoo’s last world cup campaign but at the same time, noticing a small change in its recognition. He also talks about how soccer has made him feel a sense of belonging after years of schooling where he felt like an outsider.

This story will include ambient sounds one would hear at a soccer game – including cheering, the ball going into the net and kicking the ball. I will be incorporating both photography and video in order to capture the fast past style of soccer. Whilst the project is still in its editing stage, I am contemplating make the photography and video black and white but only having the colour yellow which is the predominant colour of the Australian Pararoos. I will also be interviewing one of his friends about the Pararoo’s and James himself.

**An original image will be added to this post once photography is completed.


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