Space amongst the media

The first day back at uni.

The lecture was to start at 8.30am.

And where was I? In bed.

When I woke up I checked Twitter and what I saw were tweets with photos tagged #BCM240 about their ‘space’. It was 9am at this point and had no idea what this meant, and what I needed was context.

Fast forward four days and I finally fine time to catch up with the lecture. I finish the lecture questioning my position in my own media space, how this ‘space’ differs for different people and how it changes over time.

The ‘media space’ is defined by Massey as a virtual world, of sorts. And when I find myself once again scrolling and scrolling through Twitter or Tumblr (even as I write out this blog post), it’s easy to see why I am not much of an outside person. I am one of those people who bring out their phone every chance I get – to avoid eye-contact on public transport, waiting for tutorials/lectures to start, during commercials and so on. The digital world is my space when there is a lull in the real world. Not only do I choose to use it but much of society revolves around its use. It’s safe to say I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish high school without it… (thanks again, Google).

I end my first blog for BCM240 with a photo of this exact post as it is being typed, with my phone resting against the screen with the Twitter app up – at what point does a media space become all consuming? Is there such thing? Or does this just come with the evolving media landscape? For my sake, I hope it is the latter.





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