Early Memories of the Internet

It is hard to imagine what life was like before the internet enslaved us all. I wonder how assignments got done without Google and what ways were there to procrastinate without YouTube?

You may remember a few weeks ago I talked to my father about his memories of television when he was going up. For his generation, television changed everything from the family dynamic to how people use their time. Decades later and the internet has done the exact same thing.

Dad remembers the first computer he ever got. He thought it was amazing. It only had 60mb of memory, which astounds me to no end. A 1tb hard drive on my laptop is hardly enough.

I remember growing up with a computer in the house. It was like a magical box that I was only allowed to use for small periods of time. I remember playing games, at the time which I thought were amazing, that tried to combine fun and learning. I remember the dial-up tone that still haunts me to this day. It only wasn’t until recently did answering the phone not cut off the internet (it was like we lived in the early 90s in 2016 – a moment of silence for all the downloads that were lost).

As I got older, the internet became a bigger part of my life and was more of a necessity especially for school. My life has become emersed in the internet: games, chatrooms, and social media. It is safe to say that without the internet I would not be able to complete my university degree or would have even been able to graduate high school.

This highlights how dependent we have all become on the internet. It has infiltrated every aspect of our lives.

The introduction of the NBN has been as slow as a snail race. So, it came at a surprise when the NBN trucks turned up outside my house and began digging up the street. According to nbnco.com.au building has commenced. I thought the day would never come.


Screenshot (1)

The internet has become this generations television. It has entered our homes and changed how we communicate, gain information and spend our free time. It’s difficult to see what the next evolution in technology will be.




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