BCM240 Preliminary Project Proposal: Are there negative impacts to binge-watching?

To be fair, I haven’t put much thought into this task. I am currently drowning in assignments, class hand-in tasks and part-time work commitments. Though in between all that, I still find time to procrastinate and not complete what I need to do. So from this procrastination, this is where my idea for my BCM240 project proposal comes from.


MY RESEARCH TOPIC: What do I want to know?

Binge watching television: it has become one of the most preferred past times of a university student. I want to know how, why, when and with whom this tv binging happens. It’s simple to say university students are lazy – and whilst it could be one of the reasons – there are many factors that may influence someone to pick that medium of entertainment. I also want to know of any impacts this behaviour may have had on them or others.

How – what is the preferred way of consuming the media and why? Streaming sites? On Demand services? Torrenting? Good ol’ fashion DVDs?

Why – why do you do choose to watch a whole season in one sitting? Is it because it is an activity that requires very little thought? Does it provide an escape from the world? Is it an opportunity to get together with friends and enjoy the shows at the same time?

When – when are you more likely to binge-watch? Day or night? Do you find yourself watching more when you have things to do? Do you find it hard to stop?

Who – do you prefer to watch alone or with others, why? If with others, who with?

METHODOLOGY: How am I gathering my information?

Couldry states the most important aspect of digital storytelling is “the encounter: a physical circle where story-tellers and story-listeners authorise each other through mutual recognition”. I interpreted this as the medium in which I will utilise to conduct my research and gather participants. What is the best digital platform to will help me explore my concept? From previous subjects, I have used Twitter to engage and connect with my participants. It was effective as it gave my research a wider platform and could grab from a bigger pool of participants.

Twitter – From previous subjects, I have used Twitter to engage and connect with my participants. It was effective as it gave my research a wider platform and could grab from a bigger pool of participants.

Blog – I will use my blog as the ‘home base’ for my research and findings. It will be where my participants can get more information about the project and find the end results.

Survey – my information will be collected through online surveys which will provide both quantitative and qualitative data. Participants will have a to answer multiple choice questions and short responses.

Focus groups – I may run small focus groups to get a deeper insight into participant’s thoughts and opinions about binge-watching. This will allow ideas to be bounced off each other and difference scenarios discussed.

Other – as the project is still in its early beginnings, I have not yet decided what other mediums I will use. At this point, the use of video is being considered.

CHALLENGES: Road bumps along the way

There may be a few challenges that I may come across when conducting my research. My findings from my surveys may not be as clear in showing patterns and trends to make a conclusive statment. This heightens the importance of the focus groups and the potential to implement another information gathering method. Secondary sources from journal articles may be used.

Another challenge may be the manner in which I present my findings. Couldry says that narratives are expanded upon when new meaning is found especially when using digital infrastructure. I will need to determine what is the best way to interpret these findings and thus the story I am telling.

– Tracy


Couldry, N., MacDonald, R., Stephansen, H., Clark, W., Dickens, L. and Fotopoulou, A. (2014) ‘Constructing a digital storycircle: Digital infrastructure and mutual recognition’, International Journal of Cultural Studies, 18(5), pp. 501–517. doi: 10.1177/1367877913519313.

One thought on “BCM240 Preliminary Project Proposal: Are there negative impacts to binge-watching?

  1. I think your research idea is effective and interesting. Gen X and Y are particularly engaged with binge watching and the topic is very relevant to todays society. Your use of multiple platforms will also enhance your digital storytelling process.


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